Black House


“Having exhausted the limited existing, and potentially viable, rural properties within a 20-minute radius of the necessary daily commute and confined to a budget designed specifically to accommodate renovations, and re-design, to suit our multiple basic and compulsory requirements, we entertained the idea of a new build. Land found, but as yet contract unsettled, and napkin floor plan sketch in hand, we were told by our broker to acquire a minimum of three builder’s quotes, and so we met with Sam and Benny from Mint Design Homes.

With a naïve approach (us, not them) to the broadly-based design, engineering and technical applications ahead, they humoured our enthusiasm and matched it with theirs. Sam Glynn and Ben Griffiths showed a genuine earnestness and keenness, on par only with our own. Sufficed to say, we never did get those other builder’s quotes.

Within 24 hours, we met with a designer and shortly after, had walk-through design plans of the ‘house in our heads’. The admin process was a breeze, the contract, detailed and clear, and the communication, most importantly, was effortless and consistent. Never once, did we feel that we were annoying, over-zealous, hard-work or high-maintenance. With every question, they answered, and with every change, they accommodated the nuance with genuine agreeance and enthusiasm. With the persistence of ongoing rain constantly setting back the initial stages, they assuaged our anxiety and pacified our crazy.

Throughout the build, we were continuously updated, informed and delivered options of styling choices, and respected in our personal collaborations with private artists, giving us the rare ability to add our own original creativity. Each and every contracted tradesman, acquired by Mint, were willing to advise, collaborate and provide financially viable options where and when applicable.

Without qualm, I feel confident in recommending Sam and Ben, and the crew from Mint, to construct any complicated, unique or exclusive design; whether high-end architectural, or suburban functional; from deluded fantasy stage, to the procurement of an original masterpiece that is surreal at its completion. There are no words which can adequately summarise the entirety of such an overwhelming project; to add your personal envisioned touches and call it ‘home’. There are only thanks… and tremendous recommendation.”

Deka and James Gamble

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